Xiffe is online mobile app prototyping tool. Xiffe enables you to design amazing prototypes in different platform. Xiffe supports iOS, android, window and apple watch.

Xiffe provide a simple user interface. You can choose among different platform i.e. iOS, Android, Window or Apple watch. On editor page, you can just drag and drop desired components on screen to draw your imagination. You need not enough knowledge of any technologies. Just simple drag and drop .


For more information please visit here.

Xiffe supports iOS, android, window and apple watch.

Yes, sample prototypes are available in Xiffe. You can start with it for understding the feature of Xiffe. You can find it on launch screen during first visit. Later you can try it from new prototype screen through 'Try a sample' button. 

Frequently used prototypes can be marked as favorite for quick access. You can later remove a prototype from favorite list by clicking on star icon.

A prototype which is marked as archive, becomes inactive. So this protect your protypes from undesired editing/deleting.

Yes, Xiffe allows you to share your prototype’s preview link on facebook by clicking on Post to Facebook button. But it is your responsibility to share it with your known persons or publicly.

Yes, Xiffe support collaboration feature. Multiple users can work on a same prototype with help of collaboration feature. And you can also chat with collaborating users. Currently this feature is only available under Professional plan. Further details about Xiffe’s plan, please visit here.

Yes, Xiffe support navigation between two screens. You can learn more about it here.

Yes, Xiffe support multi component selection feature. You can select multiple components by press & hold command (or Ctrl Key) and mouse click. Please take a look on this tutorial.

Yes, Xiffe support duplicate feature for prototype, screens and components. You can learn more about it here.

You can find more information about Xiffe on our blog or you can contact us at support@xiffe.com for any futher queries.

You can contact us through intercom or email at support@xiffe.com. We generally response in 20-30 minutes.

You can adjust the height of tableview-cell component with Row height property given in its property window at right hand side.

You can make any area clickable by adding a button on it with no text and transparent background.

You can change the text of components by double-clicking on it.

Yes, you can continue with Xiffe forever with its free plan. For further details of plans, please visit here.

No, but you can contact our technology partner NewGenApps (www.newgenapps.com) for app development services at info@newgenapps.com.

Just go to pricing page after login to Xiffe and choose one of paid plans.