Introducing Apple Watch Prototyping

Apple Watch Logo

Apple Watch is scheduled to begin shipping April 24, 2015. It comes with a unique set of UI components and design guidelines. For all those wanting to adapt their apps to Apple Watch or creating a brand new Watch app, Xiffe introduces Apple Watch prototyping on the web!

Xiffe allows you to prototype beautiful watch apps, without the knowledge of WatchKit, complex developer or design tools.

apple watch screen

It provides all the basic Apple Watch UI components with customizable properties to give you a head start. It include the standard iOS controls – labels, images, tables, switches and buttons, and the components unique to Apple Watch like – sliders, date and timers, menu items.

All these components, together with a simple drag-n-drop interface and edit options like cut-copy-paste-undo-redo, help bringing your Apple Watch concept out of your mind and down to screens in minutes.


Xiffe also allows to

  • Connect screens and preview with different transition effects
  • Import images and PSDs from Dropbox
  • Export to Dropbox or Google Drive

Once your prototype is ready, you can watch it on an Apple Watch skin provided within its preview area, and validate it within your friends circle through its sharing feature.

At Xiffe, we’re committed to bringing you the most intuitive prototyping experiences. We’ve created Xiffe to support prototyping for all popular mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone – Apple Watch being the newest addition. All this comes with a free trial plan and a referral program for getting additional free usage.

We look forward to you for trying it out and providing continued support and suggestions.